Migrating to Jack compiler


What is Jack?
Google says:

Jack is a new Android toolchain that compiles Java source into Android dex bytecode. It replaces the previous Android toolchain, which consists of multiple tools, such as javac, ProGuard, jarjar, and dx.

What about existing .jar libraries?
Jill tool translates the existing jar libraries into new library format 😀

Why we need migrating to Jack compiler?

  • Speeds compilation time
    Jack compiler can compile java code to .dex in one step

    • Old toolchain: javac (java -> .class) -> dx (.class -> .dex)
    • Jack toolchain: Jack (java -> .jack -> .dex)
  • Using Java8 features
  • Shrinking, obfuscation, repacking without using different tools


Note: Make sure your Android Studio is updated to the last available version.

To enabling Java 8 and Jack for your project your build.gradle file should be like this:

android {
   defaultConfig {
      targetSdkVersion 24
         enabled true
   compileOptions {
      sourceCompatibility JavaVersion.VERSION_1_8
      targetCompatibility JavaVersion.VERSION_1_8

Rebuild your project and it’s should work without any error, But if you see below error:

Error:Could not get unknown property ‘classpath’ for task ‘:app:transformJackWithJackForDebug’ of type com.android.build.gradle.internal.pipeline.TransformTask.

It’s means you should use annotationProcessor dependency scope instead of apt.


Important Note: Instant Run doesn’t work with Jack.


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